Have you ever had so much to explain that you don’t even know where to begin? That’s me right now. Many of you know that we have closed our doors on Garden St. Covid hit us hard as it did so many others. We were new, very new. You could still smell the paint curing. Or maybe that was just the unending smell for me after endless hours of painting that old warehouse. We many new client contracts in hand ready to sign we were blindsided by the government shut down. I won’t go into all the details without a cup or Muletown coffee in hand or a stout drink outside of Taps but our vitality was hindered. We made good use of our willing bodies and made food for those who needed it while we frantically searched for ways to endure the upcoming financial storm.  By the end of 2020 we had no options other than to close our doors.  We lost a lot of money. I mean… a lot..of money. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss my Culinary Tribe or lay awake thinking about all the “shoulda’s”.

“People never know what they are capable of until all other options run out.”

Fast forward to 2021 (because literally that is what happened) we are working endlessly behind the scenes to come back harder and stronger than before. Oftentimes the Universe has a way of moving you toward your life plan even when it seems to be a hard right turn. People never know what they are capable of until all other options run out. This is certainly true for me. Although there are a few things I am unable to share at this time,  I can say that I have been working on a project to help foodpreneurs move forward with their endeavours.  We are also courting a new location. SHHHhh! That being said we encourage you to stay in touch. Send us a quick  message on your social media of choice or simply join our mailing list so that you can be sure to stay in up to date on all the new happenings. If you would like to contribute financially or get on our ebook waiting list, shoot us a line at columbiacacinfo@gmail.com We miss you.

Until then, keep cooking.

Jami Lee