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Kitchen Basics and Using all of the chicken.

Making the Cut in the Kitchen with Chef Brett!

Kitchen Basics and Using all of the chicken. 

At the end of the class each participant will leave with

A knife & the knowledge of how to properly care for and sharpen it

A basic understanding of proper food safety and why it is important

A basic understanding of how to choose, break down and prepare meals from whole chickens, and why it is a better choice over buying pre-packed parts (Hint: It’s more economical and usually that is how the better chicken come, i.e. pastured and local)

The knowledge of how to roast a chicken and make gravy, chicken under a brick, chicken braised in white wine and gravy


Proper kitchen set up to avoid cross contamination

Hand washing

TDZ-What is it and why is it important

Proper chilling of cooked food for storage

Knife skills

What knives do you really need?

How to hold and use

How to sharpen

How to care for them


Why buy whole?

—how to break down

-basic roast



-don’t throw out the bones-MAKE STOCK!