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Feed Just One has launched

On April 7th, 2020 only 11 days after a simple question was presented…”what can we do?”. Covid-19 came abruptly on the heels of the Nashville Tornado. The idea started several years ago truth be told. After reading the book Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie, our concept was in seed stage. If you’re not familiar the author is the founder of TOMS shoe company. It’s a simple concept yet humanitarian at its finest. Buy a pair of TOMS shoes for yourself, and TOMS puts a pair on someone in need.

We have seen ourselves the economical effects of Covid-19 in our industry. Most of our chefs are entrepreneurial and just launching their new culinary visions often working more than one job in order to support their start up. Restaurants have cut back staff and chefs, culinary schools have closed, bars have let people go and events are cancelled. Leaving our culinary team unable to support their new entrepreneurial endeavours.

Grocery stores are a compromising place for the elderly and immune impaired. Many people are furloughed leaving them in financial stress. The ripple effects unfortunately will be seen for some time to come.

“What can we do?” always sparks new beginnings. Wholesale suppliers have seen a decline in sales due to massive restaurant cutbacks, leaving the supply open for businesses like ours. We have put our Culinary thinking caps on and have launched Feed Just One.

Every meal purchased helps feed someone in need while supporting local chefs. You will be getting a good “Taste of Columbia” at it’s finest. Supporting this project also helps us to keep moving forward in bringing you a strong culinary future.

Mother Teresa said it best when she said “If you can’t feed one hundred people then feed just one.” will you help?

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