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Columbia’s Culinary Arts Centre: Beginner cooking items

Is this your first time cooking? We welcome you into the world of culinary! To help you prepare your dishes easily, you first need to have the complete set of cookware in your kitchen. Since this is your first time, our professionals based in the United States will guide you through the essential tools you need to have. Check the list below and prepare to fill your shopping carts with these items! 

Non-stick pans 

Non-stick pans are convenient to have in an apartment or home. You can cook basically in these pans from sauce to fried dishes. What makes it even better is that these pans are low maintenance so it’s right up the alley of a beginner cook. To ensure that non-stick pans would last long, we recommend using silicone utensils with them or scrubbing the surface of the pan gently. 

Soup or stock pot 

Just as the name suggests, these pots are where you make your stocks. It should be deep enough to hold litres upon litres of water and broth. If you want a hearty meal, all you have to do is use this pot to boil your preferred meat until all its flavours seep into the water. 

3 quart saucepan

A 3 quart saucepan is the perfect size for when you are cooking for one person only. It is small enough that you can mix and cook the sauce in small amounts. This is something that you can’t do in bigger pots. Not only would that be too big for a minimal amount of sauce, but it would also be a waste of gas since it would be harder to heat bigger pots.

Mixing bowls 

Whether you’re in the United States or not, it is inevitable for you to mix in the kitchen and doing this would be difficult without a mixing bowl. These bowls can come in different sizes depending on what or how much you need to mix. There are some mixing bowls that come with a lid. We recommend those lidded mixing bowls in case you need to store some of the ingredients you have prepared. 


Of course, we can’t leave out knives when it comes to kitchens. A knife is necessary to cut your ingredients into thinners or in smaller pieces. There are multiple kinds of knives and each of them is used differently. 

First, you have your bread knife. It is not sharp but it has enough edge to it to cut bread. Next, we have the butter knife. This knife has a unique tooth that allows you to cut butter without a hitch. As for meats, we recommend a chef’s knife. You can use it for any ingredient you need to cut in the kitchen from small herbs to meat.

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