Servicing our community means supporting small local businesses,
supporting small local businesses means nurturing families,
nurturing families changes the world and therein lies
the heart of our mission.

Despite its popularity, not a lot of people actually know how to make Columbian dishes traditionally. There isn’t enough appreciation for its history and the culture that backs up every dish that is present in Columbian restaurants. 

For that reason, we have established our culinary school to help everyone who wishes to learn the beauty of Columbian culinary art to its core. Allow us to introduce you to the aspects that make Columbian cuisine special right here at Columbia’s Culinary Arts Centre. Get to know more about us below: 

Nourishing the tradition of Columbian cuisine 

As a culinary school centred around Columbian cuisine, it is our mission to nourish its tradition and promote what makes it special so that more people would appreciate the beauty of Columbian cuisine history and the uniqueness of its style. 

Here at Columbia’s Culinary Arts Centre, we aim to help you build your knowledge of Columbian cuisine and learn the arts of cooking in the traditional style. In our school, we accept home cooks and chefs who are expanding their knowledge for business purposes. Columbia’s Culinary Arts Centre is a brand new school located in the Arts District of Columbia to help you connect with your love for good food and people that can help you grow in your culinary journey. 

The instructors that we have right here at Columbia’s Culinary Arts Centre are all classically trained chefs, barbecue experts, health food coaches and more so you can rest assured that they would help you become a better cook and improve what you know about Columbian cuisine. 

What drives us? 

The passion that drives our company is the burning desire to share the beauty of Columbian cuisine with the rest of the world. All of our chefs and instructors are passionate about sharing their love of good food and cooking and we want to reach out to individuals who also have the same love for food. 

Our lessons and classes 

If you are interested in trying out our classes, here’s a list of the lessons that we would be having. You can enrol in single sessions or book a whole class package for a cheaper price. Our culinary school also offers a free trial lesson where you can test out if we are the right culinary school for you. Take a look at what we have to offer below: 

  • Introduction to Columbian cuisine (Free class)
  • History of Columbian culinary
  • The flavour that influenced Columbia
  • Preparing entree dishes
  • What should your main dish look like? 
  • The main flavours of Columbia
  • Best Columbian soups 
  • Best Columbian main dishes 
  • Best Columbian desserts

See anything you like? Enrol in our lessons now and attend our classes to enhance what you know about Columbian cuisine right here at Columbia’s Culinary Arts Centre!